SHOW accommodation will be disinfected and cleaned daily to SG Clean Standards. Complimentary hand sanitisers by Efil will be provided in each room for general usage.  Additional (individual size) complimentary Efil sanitisers will also be provided to guests for personal use. All SHOW bookings, payment, check-in and check-out processes shall have contactless options. SHOW operations will strictly adhere to the latest prevailing Safety Management Measures regulatory requirements.

  • Temperature screening will be done with a hand-held infrared thermometer during check-in at the registration counter. Guests will also be required to check-in via the TraceTogether safe-entry whilst adhering to a safety distance of at least 1m before they receive their wristbands.
  • Staff are also provided with face shields, as face-to-face interactions can happen in all parts of the attract.
  • Hand sanitisers will be readily available at the entrance and exit at all times. Guests will be required to use the hand sanitisers before they enter the activity areas. Staff members will be there to ensure that guests have sanitised their hands.
  • If a staff member feels that he/she is handling an unwell person or suspected case,he/she will kindly advise the guest to visit the nearest clinic at Downtown East, Healthmatters @ #02-309/310
  • SHOW rooms and Resort Rooms will adhere to the regulations under Annex A under Safe Management Measures for Hotels where applicable. (Source: Advisory for Hotels: Safe Management Measures)
  • The Safe Management Officer will ensure that safe management measures are enforced, and any changes in protocol will be promptly communicated to all staff.
  • Guests must stick strictly to the maximum number of people per group. As of 03 May 2021, group restrictions have been reduced to 5.
  • Guests that are not registered as accomodees of the room have to leave by 2230 hrs.
  • SHOWroom and Resort room will follow strictly to any new Covid19 restrictions implemented.