~ “Rules don’t apply here!”


For the connoisseurs of boutique hotels, this ‘Street Pop’ themed 40-footer container is a modern fusion of pop-art and street-art. You will be impressed by the street inspired neon graffiti and the edgy pop-art mural.



Another bold creative decor for boutique hotel lovers, with an abstract background of geometrically textured pop-art patterns.

~ “Dining with the lion cub or lounging with the dinosaurs…”


Roarrrr! Welcome to the jungle with this safari themed 40-footer escapade for the kids! Track into the wilderness without leaving the comforts of home.

~ “Breathe in, breathe out. Feel the natural rhythm of the forest”


Are we out of the woods yet? This earthy, tree-inspired 40-footer room will bring you back down to earth. Combining natural elements and a leafy backdrop with modern mid-century design aesthetics, this decor is both homely and relaxing. Just kick back and relax in your own forest retreat.  

~ “Rediscover Singapore – both the new and the old”


Another ‘boutique themed’ Singapore Staycation experience where the decor is a juxtaposition of modern iconic Singaporean motifs against a background of traditional heritage patterns. Rediscover the feel of Singapore in the privacy of your own container room…